Avengers vs X-men Issue
AVX: Vs Vol 1 4
Avx 4
Cover A
Release Date July 11, 2012
Release Price $3.99
Issue # 4
Volume # 1
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I should have guessed that a boy who takes such girlish effort with his long locks would hit like one. Tell me, have you ever wished a woman to put you on all fours and grab hold of that mane? It's all right. I can keep a secret. Even a god of thunder could use a little whipping now and then. I have such pretty things to dress you in...

Emma Frost

AVX: Vs Vol 1 4 is issue #4 of the AVX: VS limited series.


The premiere AVENGERS VS. X-MEN tie-in featuring two incredible fights torn from the pages of Avengers Vs X-Men. Featuring Daredevil vs. Psylocke and Thor vs. Emma Frost!!

The StoryEdit

Warning! Spoilers!

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