Avengers vs X-men Issue
Avengers vs X-men Vol 1 11
Avengers-vs-xmen-11 1
Cover A
Release Date September 12, 2012
Release Price $3.99
Issue # 11
Volume # 1
Creative Team
Writer Brian Michael Bendis
Cover Artists Jim Cheung
Interior Artist Olivier Coipel, Mark Morales
Interior Colorist(s) Laura Martin
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Publication Order
Avengers vs X-Men #10
Avengers vs X-Men #12

Avengers vs X-men Vol 1 11 is issue #11 in the Avengers vs X-men story arc.


The biggest comics event of the summer hits it’s red hot penultimate chapter as Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Avengers vs X-Men #11! From the creative tour de force of Brian Michael Bendis & Olivier Coipel, the Avengers gather together to take on the remaining hosts of the Phoenix Force with the aid of Charles Xavier! Can the combined might of Earth’s Mightiest, Professor Xavier, the Scarlet Witch, Hope and more put an end to their reign once and for all?

The StoryEdit

Warning! Spoilers!

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