Dancing Water

A member of the Red Skull's S-men, she and her teammates want to destroy all mutants in the world. She claims to be the daughter of Avalanche.

Uncanny AvengersEdit

Dancing Water is the illegitimate daughter of Avalanche and a member of Red Skull's S-Men. She, along the rest of her team, removed Professor X's body from his mausoleum in order to allow their leader to take part of his brain and give himself telepathic powers, taking prisoner Rogue and Scarlet Witchin the process. Imprisoned, Rogue managed to establish contact with Dancing Water and absorb her powers to escape captivity.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Liquid Form: Dancing Water's entire body is made of a semi-transparent blue water-like substance that she can reshape at will. In her normal state, her legs taper off into several pairs of squid-like tentacles, and she is able to alter her density to allow objects to simply pass through her, making her nearly impervious to physical assault. She has also demonstrated the ability to spray water from her hands at sufficient pressure to bend metal.

Hydrokinesis: Has the ability to mentally direct the shape and motion of any water near her.

Aquatic Teleportation: Dancing Water is able to open gateways on surfaces of water that can transport herself and several others across great distances.