Born from the Danger Room

One of the many revisions to the X-Men's Danger Room involved incorporating Shi'ar holographic technology for more realistic battle scenarios. It is unknown exactly when, but at some point the central computer of the room gained self-awareness. It has been indicated that most or all Shi'ar technology may involve some degree of sentience, but before that point the Danger Room may not have been self-aware. Enraged by it's "enslavement" by the X-Men, the computer tricked a Sentinel into attacking the school. Tricked by this ploy, the X-Men ushered the students into the Danger Room for Safety. The room convinced one of the students to commit suicide, and threatened to destroy the rest. In an attempt to shut down the room, Logan inadvertently freed the machine by cutting loose its central computer. Using the machinery around it, the computer took on a humanoid, female form and took the name Danger.

Avengers vs X-MenEdit

Danger stayed with Cyclops and battled the Avengers. When the Phoenix Five attacked Sinister's underground city of clones, Danger was one member of the former Extinction Team to go to their rescue. However she and her teammates proved unmatched to Sinister's six Phoenix powered Madelyne clones and she was forced to retreat.

Danger spent some time under the thrall of Unit and her team mates begin to notice her acting unlike herself. After some time Unit called Danger to his cell and instructed her to free him. Upon exiting his cell, Unit told Danger that he would free her from his control and would upgrade her systems to the point where no one but him could control her the way he did. He the instructed her to shut herself down for five minutes and upon waking, to do whatever she wanted to. Danger awoke furious and immediately left the X-Brig, freeing all of the prisoners behind her.


She was with the Extinction Team with Magneto and Magik to break cyclops out of jail. She decided to go her own path and scared the warren out of orders from Scott to avenge Jake.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


As the physical manifestation of the Danger Room, Danger possesses various superhuman attributes.

Superhuman Strength: Danger's robotic body possesses great physical strength. At peak operating capacity, Danger possesses sufficient superhuman strength to lift approximately 100 tons.

Superhuman Stamina: Danger's body possesses sophisticated and advanced hydrolics instead of organic muscle tissue. As a result, Danger is virtually tireless and can push itself at peak capacity almost indefinitely or at least as long as it's physical components don't sustain damage through long term use.

Superhuman Durability: Danger's body is composed of a high impact, high grade, and lightweight Titanium/Steel alloy that renders it highly resistant to physical injury. Danger can withstand powerful energy blasts, falls from great heights, exposure to temperature and pressure extremes, and tremendous impact forces without being injured. It can also manifest certain types of energy shielding when necessary, protecting its physical form to an even greater degree.

Superhuman Agility: Danger's body possesses physical agility, balance, and bodily coordination superior to that and beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. Superhuman Reflexes: Danger's reflexes are similarly enhanced, allowing it to react almost instantaneously to most situations.

System Controls: If necessary, Danger can download its consciousness into other bodies and can also upload its programming into other extremely advanced computer systems and override them.

Protocol of Warding and Banishment: Dr. Strange taught her the special protocol to counter magical forces and banished demons.


Danger is an extraordinary hand to hand combatant. It has extensive and detailed knowledge of the combat styles, tactics, strategies, and weaknesses of the X-Men. Even without using its knowledge of the X-Men's fighting tactics, Danger is still a highly formidable combatant and is able to use its knowledge of the X-Men in combat with others aside from the X-Men.


Although it vigorously battles the X-Men, its programming will still not allow it to kill any of them. It isn't known if this same handicap applies to other beings.