The very famous and former enemy to the X-Men, Magneto was born during the Holacost of World War II and was separated from his family and and has been feard by everyone when he first used his power. Later on most of his life after the war he met Charles Xavier and started to develop a good friendship but have had many differences in motives and ideas of mutant and human relationship. He wanted war while Charles wanted peace and he later created the X-Men to fight against Magneto and he created the Brother of Evil Mutants to fight against him and for mutants only. At sometime he joined the X-Men after he lost almost everything he had and was a member ever since.

Avengers vs X-MenEdit

In the beginning he watched Hope and Cyclops trained and saw Hope demonstrate the Phoenix's powers. When the Avengers came for Hope he was swished on how Scott was sounding like him when he was evil and the idea of not working with the avengers. When the fight began he first fought he got punched in the face by his son Quiksilver who saw that he was back at doing what he used to do. He also later fought Iron Man who he thought would be an easy battle but Iron Man was all ready prepared to face him in a non metal armor and was able to beat him by increasing magnetic fields from mars witch almost proved to much for Magneto. When the X-Men escaped the Avengers to search for Hope he left the scene and told Cyclops to find his daughter Scarlet Witch. After the battles around the world, Magneto and Psylocke meet Storm and an unconscious Doctor Nemesis at one of their hideouts. While they ponder whether they should go to the Moon to help Cyclops, the "Lights" escape from the Avengers Academy and go to Utopia as Hope left them a note telling them to look for UNIT. When they found UNIT he then explains to the kids that the Scarlet Witch's spell of "No more mutants" some how angered the Phoenix and that on another planet he witnessed the Phoenix host needing its five acolytes to calm it and succeed in bringing evolution. However, he omitted such information from Hope because he wants to witness what would happen if the host does not have its acolytes to succeed in controlling the Phoenix and possibly create destruction. Danger who was controlled by UNIT, knocks the kids out and erases their memories about the conversation. As Magneto, Storm and Psylocke prepare to go to the Moon, Psylocke suffers a momentary psychic breakdown, at the same moment that the Phoenix bonds with the Extinction Team. Magneto later informs Cyclops of Namor's assault on Wakanda and why he was doing it which angered Cyclops and go to confront him. Magneto was attacked by Emma Frost with a Psychic attack and Magneto reaches for his helmet to protect himself from another attack. Magneto teens removes his helmet in a safe area and asks Professor X for his help as the Phoenix Force-powered Emma Frost's rule becomes more tyrannical and cruel and that they are loosing control. Magneto later joins the Avengers, the X-Men, and Hulk in confronting the Phoenix Force-powered Cyclops. Cyclops then believes Magneto betrayed him because he contacted Charles and almost killed him. Scarlet Witch uses her abilities to keep Magneto from being harmed. Following the defeat of Cyclops, Magneto and the other former members are reported to have gone on the run.


Magneto still missing made contact with Abigail Brand and was helping him hide after the aftermath. She also mentions that she is really is a Mutant. He with Magik and Danger help release Cyclops from jail and still be heroes and save people who hate them for being different.

All New X-MenEdit

Magneto, Cyclops and Magik begin liberating mutants who have been unjustly imprisoned by various authorities and offer them help with controlling their powers and joining their rebellion. While attempting to liberate Emma Frost, Magneto and Cyclops both lose control of their powers. Emma reveals that she has been going through a similar situation, and tells them that the Phoenix has altered their mutant powers somehow. When Magneto protests, saying that he wasn't a host, Emma tells him that since Cyclops hit him with a heavy dose of Phoenix energy, he is also affected. Cyclops vows to find a way to fix them all. When Magneto sees Cyclops still having a hard controlling his powers, he reveals that he is very angry with him and made a threat until Magik came in and stopped the argument.

While attempting to help another new mutant, Magneto and Cyclops are confronted by the five original X-Men, who have been brought to the present by Beast. When he saw the original X-Men he thought this was a trick and an abomination. He did not believe that this was really happening. When the futuer Cyclops still having no control of his powers and magneto fighting them they were forced to retreat. When Magik teleported them to the abandoned Weapon X facility he was confronted by Emma Frost and believed she was responisble for this but said she had nothing to do with it.

Uncanny X-MenEdit

Recently Magneto came to the unknown S.H.I.E.L.D. facility and surrendered, intending to talk with Maria Hill. He revealed to her that he wants to betray Scott Summers because he was responsible for Xavier's death and Magneto's weakened powers as a Dark Phoenix.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Magneto is a mutant. He truley is The Master of Magnetism.

Magnetokinesis: Magneto has comprehensive control over all forms of magnetism and utilizes that control to manipulate ferrous metals and achieve a variety of effects. He recently proved able to effectively hold together the headless form of a Celestial . Magneto can manipulate an entire planet's electromagnetic field though this is a task that requires great effort on his part. Magneto has harnessed magnetism to stop armies, raise islands from ocean floors, move mountains, change the course of rivers, and threaten to devastate the world with apocalyptic floods and continent shaking earthquakes. Magneto once blanketed the entire globe with a self-generated electromagnetic pulse that caused widespread devastation. Moreover, he can use his magnetic powers in more than one way simultaneously. He can completely assemble a complicated machine within seconds through his powers. It is unclear whether Magneto's power is psionic or purely physiological in nature.

Magnetic Force-Fields: Magneto usually protects himself with a personal force field that he can quickly expand to protect large areas. His force field has withstood the effects of multiple nuclear weapons, volcanic eruptions, the depths of space and attacks from multiple Avengers or X-Men, including Phoenix, Thor, and even Galactus. Magneto can also use his force fields to hit or trap an enemy.

Magnetic Flight: Magneto is also capable of sustaining flight for very long distances and at varying speeds. He apparently has several means by which he achieves flight, one of which is by riding along the planet's natural magnetic lines of force, another by simply creating a repulsive force between himself and the planet, propelling himself thus. However, in order to travel in space, Magneto requires and is limited by the interior capacity of his force field to breathe.

Geomagnetic Link: Magneto is tied very closely to Earth's EM Field. As it is effected, so is he. He knows instinctively all that happens to it.

Metal Manipulation: Magneto is able to manipulate even organic metals at the atomic level for a number of purposes. He is limited to metallic substances, though he can and has used electromagnetically generated force fields to manipulate other substances, through shaping, holding them aloft and so forth. Some have mistaken this for an ability to manipulate non-metallic objects.

Metallic Bonding: Magneto has recently presented the power to atomically bond metallic substances to any designated surface material. This newly developed technique allows Magneto to blend metallic alloys with earth, water, and air. Organic Iron Manipulation: Magneto can control the traces of iron within organic matter and can manipulate the iron-enriched blood-flow to one's brain to potentially induce limited effects. There are only 2.5 grams of iron in the bloodstream of a healthy human body and perhaps a gram at most in the rest of the body. As a reference, a penny weighs 2.5 grams. Magneto has used his magnetic abilities to extract the Adamantium bonded to Wolverine's skeletal structure.

Electromagnetic Sight: By concentrating, Magneto can perceive the world around himself as patterns of magnetic and electrical energy. He can perceive the natural electromagnetic auras given off by living beings.

Superhuman Strength: Under normal conditions, Magneto possesses the physical strength of a well conditioned athlete. However, he can channel vast amounts of magnetic energy through his body for the purpose of potentially granting himself superhuman strength.

Superhuman Stamina: As a result of increasing his strength, he dramatically increases the overall efficiency of his musculature. While magnetically enhanced, his muscles produce considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of a normal human. Magneto can exert himself physically for some time before the build up of fatigue toxins in his blood starts to impair him.

Superhuman Durability: Under normal conditions, Magneto possesses the physical durability of a well-conditioned athlete. However, he can channel amounts of magnetic energy through his body for the purpose of granting himself some degree of enhanced durability, to the point that he can resist punches from superhumanly strong foes such as Namor or Colossus and remain conscious though in both cases it is more likely that he managed to keep at least a weak variant of his force field in place.

Superhuman Reflexes: He naturally possesses enhanced reflexes. He can further enhance this reflexes with magnetic energy, to the point that he can perceive and strike back even at those normally far faster than he.

Superhuman Speed: can manipulate any metal into a movable orb and could increase it speed. He could also fly and do it him self.

Electromagnetic Spectrum Manipulation: Although Magneto's primary power is magnetism, he can also project or manipulate any form of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum, though this is extremely tiring for him so he primarily sticks to magnetism. He can potentially fire and absorb bolts of electricity and other forms of electromagnetic radiation or energy, create enough intense heat as infrared radiation to level a city, and become invisible by deflecting visible light around his body. Infrared radiation is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which also includes visible light, radio waves, ultraviolet light, gamma rays, and x-rays -- Magneto can project any of these, though doing so would dramatically tire him. Magneto has demonstrated the capacity to produce a wormhole, and to safely teleport himself and others through this means.

Astral Projection (Possibly Formerly): Magneto has occasionally been said to be able to manifest an astral projection of himself. However, like all formerly attributed psychic powers, this has been retconned out of existence at least once, and hasn't been used by Magneto since the "Silver Age" (chronologically speaking), possibly implying any such abilities were lost during his regression to childhood by Mutant Alpha[citation needed].

Telepathic Resistance : Magneto has trained himself extensively for fighting telepaths, and is resistant to telepathic attack. This training is similar to that given to the X-Men and New Mutants by Professor X, although the effects are further augmented with the aid of his helmet, his strong will and his own electromagnetic powers.


Genius-level Intellect: A mastermind, Magneto is a genius in various scientific fields. He is an expert in genetic engineering and mutation, with knowledge easily on par with contemporary experts in the same fields. He has created artificial living beings, mutated humans in order to give them superhuman powers, instilled genetic mind-control, created adult clones of human beings and manipulated the genetic structures of those clones during their development. His discoveries in particle physics would revolutionize the field and place him among the giants of scientific history if they were to be revealed. He has designed magnetically-powered aircraft and spacecraft, space stations, an underground complex said to be a masterpiece of automated technology that would do Tony Stark or Reed Richards proud, complex robots and computers, magnetically-powered generators, and machines capable of nullifying mutant powers within a radius of several miles.

Military Training: Magneto has more than a rudimentary knowledge of hand-to-hand combat.

Excellent Strategist: Magneto is an excellent strategist, tactician, and skilled leader.

Multilingual: Magneto is fluent in English, French, Polish, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Ukrainian, German, and Yiddish


Physical Condition: Magneto's ability to wield his superhuman powers effectively is dependent upon his physical condition. When severely injured, his body is unable to withstand the strain of manipulating magnetic energy. When his powers are not at their peak, he also appears to have greater difficulty utilizing his magnetism for great feats. Magneto also is limited by the fact that he needs food, water and oxygen in order to survive and must sleep. He is also susceptible to physical and mental fatigue that can ultimately affect his ability to adequately use his powers, especially if he overuses or extends them in a short amount of time.