Fongji Wu1

Fongji's mother was from the Immortal City .She was part of the last pilgrimage to Earth from the city as a part of the last pilgrimage to Earth and K,un Lun she bedded an unknown western man and conceived a child prior to her return. When the Phoenix headed toward Earth, Yu-Ti started having strange dreams that a young girl with green eyes and red hair could control it. After Yu-Ti found this very girl in K'un-Lun , he took Fonji to the temple and started her training, declaring her the new Iron Fist. Manifesting the Phoenix Force, Yu-Ti let her go through the ritual of Shou-Lao the Undying, emerging after two days with its power as well. Finally arriving, Fongji mastered and became the Phoenix's new host, departing into space and never seen again.