Past Beast

Just like his future selfHank McCoy became one of the founding members of the original team and later on he turned into the "beast" he is today. He was discover as the others were by Charles Xavier.

All New X-MenEdit

Here Comes YesterdayEdit

During his time when Xavier left him in charge they discovered a blue hair creature that was Hank from the future who told them that Scott Summers from the future has created a mutant rebellion and needs them to stop him and his mutant obligation. When they arrived into the future the future Beast passed out and they discovered that he was really dying. When they confronted the future Cyclops his power was out of control and almost killed them. After all that they went back to the mansion because he wanted to see how his future self was doing but he is in very bad condition and it is unknown if he is dead right. There he discovers that he is once again mutating into a new form.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Same as his future self