Hope aka. The Mutant Messiah, is the first mutant to be born after the Decimation, an event in which the Scarlet Witch uses her reality altering power to turn all, but 198 of Mutants around the world into regular powerless Humans.

The moment Hope is born, the X-Men's Mutant tracking device Cerebro explodes. Curious, the X-men search for her.

Hope's town is attacked by the Purifiers,who use information given to them by the time-traveling Nimrod who warns them of her arrival. Although all the children in town are murdered by the Purifiers,the X-Men member Cable manages to save Hope. According to Cable, the baby is a Messianic figure destined to save both Mutant and humankind. The Purifiers and Bishop, however, recall a timeline in which Hope will become the mutant equivalent of the Antarchist, and kill a million humans in an instant. This event, known as the "Six Second War", will turn humanity against mutants once again and lead into a new era of mutant persecution, creating the dark timeline into which Bishop is born.

Later, the baby is kidnapped by the Marauders and delivered to the mutant Mystique who is disguised as Mister Sinister. Mystique takes the baby and makes her touch the comatose Rouge with the intention of waking her from her coma. The mutant Gambit intervenes and takes Hope from Mystique. Believing the baby has died during her rescue, Gambit is amazed to find not only is the baby unharmed, but also Rogue has been awakened from her coma. After an intense battle between the Marauders, the X-men and Predator X, X-Men leader Cyclops decides the baby would be better off with his son Cable, and allows him to take her to the future. However, Bishop decides to track Cable and the baby through time in order to kill her and prevent the bleak future of his own timeline from happening.

In the FutureEdit

Hope spent the rest of her childhood living in the future with Cable, who became a sort of father figure to her, despite some arguments the two sometimes have. But she was always being hunted down by Bishop, who would even try sacrificing his life to kill her and save the future he was born in. He wasn't the only one wanting to have her. Cable's clone Stryfe and the alien race Brood wanted to have her for their own plots, but was thwarted by Cable. Soon she grew up into an adult, and Cyclops and Cable decided it was time she joined the X-men in the present.

Avengers vs X-menEdit

In the Avengers Vs X-Men event, she is the target of the Phoenix Force. The Avengers want to take her into
custody, But the X-men believe that if Hope can tame it, they can use its awesome power to reborn Mutants. After Cyclops use his optic beams to attack Captain America , a battle between the X-men and the Avengers begins. Meanwhile Emma Frost takes Hope away from the battle to protect her. As the battle continues, Wolverine and Spiderman sneak into the building, just in time to witness Hope on fire, as the closer the Phoenix comes to earth, she feels its power. She then attacks Wolverine, who attempts to kill her, and then runs away.While on the run, she created a device that stopped the Avengers from tracking her down. Then she steals a ship, and takes it to Antartica, were Wolverine was stranded. The to come to a deal, and then they flee to a A.I.M base, to get a bigger ship to take them to the moon, where she is closer to the Phoenix. Then the Avengers turn up, and Wolverine reveals he betrayed her. Then the X-men turn up, and just before they started fighting, Thor crash landed before them. The Phoenix had finally came. After being attacked by Iron Man the Phoenix breaks into five pieces and chooses Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magik, Namor and Colossus as its hosts. The unconscious Hope is taken back to Earth by the Phoenix Five who go about reshaping the Earth into a better place to live for all.

Hope continues to hear the Phoenixes voice calling to her however, and when Cyclops asks her if she would accept the Phoenix Force now, she eagerly responds yes. Cyclops doesn't give it to her however, stating that she proved herself unworthy when she denied it on the Moon. The Avengers break into to Utopia in order to capture her so as to better study the Phoenix Force, but they are stopped by the arrival of Cyclops and Emma. The Scarlet Witch shows up as well however and Hope voluntarily goes with her.

She is taken to the mystical city of K'un-Lun and receives the a prophecy that she will be trained by Spider-Man who is puzzled as to what he is supposed to be teaching her. She is initially outraged over her new teachers lack of knowledge and seriousness but is quickly won over and began to listen, after he tells her how he got his powers and that his uncle always told him "With great power comes great responsibility".

Hope's training was interrupted however when Cyclops, now empowered due to receiving more Phoenix portions after two more of his fellow Phoenixes fell, managed to penetrate the wall between K'un-Lun and the regular world. Cyclops made short work of all the Avengers that opposed him, even managing to defeat Shao-Lao, the dragon that gives K'un-Lun its power. Hope managed to stop him however by copying both the dragons flames and the Scarlet Witch's hex bolts and used them to incapacitate him and send him to the Moon. Afterwards when cyclops went Dark Phoenix Hope and the Scarlet Witch fought for a while because Hope believed Wanda ruined her life when she decreased the mutant race during the House of M event. Captain America and Iron man broke up the fight and later created a plan to defeat Cyclops. during the fight Hope and Wanda went head to head with Cyclops by using chaos magic and Shoa Lao kung fu with chaos magic to hurt Cyclops. Then Jean Grey from the White Hot Room came to Cyclops to help let go the Phoenix Force. when it did Hope became it's host and took away the flames of Dark Phoenix and became the White Phoenix. Wanda talked to Hope to understand here true purpose as the Phoenix. with there powers combined they both said "No More Phoenix" which broke the original spell "No More Mutants" and brought back the mutant race. the Phoenix Force is presumed dead but there is no evidence to show what really happened. Cyclops was taken to a prison and Hope has returned to her normal life. She now attends the Jean Grey School for higher learning.


After the events of Avengers vs X-Men she received a letter from her adoptive father Cable telling her at the end not to go looking for him and burned the letter. Captain America and the Scarlet Witch go to her and ask that she could go to the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning. She agrees and believe this will give her a normal life after completing her destiny as Phoenix. while she arrived at the school and been going through her day she was thinking about the five light and how they would no what to do. Later at night she has been sneaking around parts of the world looking for her father Cable. When Utopia fell into the seas she went to take a look. There she was confronted by Namor and asked why she was here. She was about to attack but he said not fear and allowed her to continue her search. She ask him how he was after he was possessed by Phoenix and destroyed Wakanda. He said it was just war and did what he had to do. Angry from what he said she yelled at him and left to fine what ever was left of her father. When she continued she was confronted by the Avengers and they asked where she had been. she just around but showed she was very busy. There talk was interrupted when Spider Woman said there was a prison escape that led Cyclops to be free from Danger, Magneto, and Magik. She returned to the school and found a note to look out the window. She saw Cable for the first time after the event and said he will be there for her when the time is right. They both said good bye and Hope went to sleep in her room.

Marvel NowEdit

Cable and X-ForceEdit

Hope has been living a 'normal life' for four weeks now. She speaks to a psychiatrist named Doctor Townley due to The Avengers making the sessions mandatory. She now has foster parents that watch twenty-seven hours of television a week, and their excessive smiling makes her uncomfortable. She feels that her foster parents can't compare to Cable. Domino is speaking to Boom Boom via communication link about how she made a sucker out of a client to pay her three times the amount for a job to rescue a professor from M.I.T. she considers "easy money". Turns out Hope had hacked into her files, and beat her to the punch. Domino is surprised to see Hope again. Hope makes a deal with trade the missing professor for her luck powers to find Cable. Domino and Hope locate Cable in a junkyard in Nebraska. She becomes enrage and mimics Cable's telekinesis. She explains that while she was looking all over the world for him, he was there and didn't bother to reach out to her the minute he woke up from his coma. Cable responds with "I miss you too kid. Every damned day". Hope's rage stops and she hugs him. Suddenly, Cable has another headache and Hope sees visions of a future event, Cable passes out and awakens later on, only to see Hope's vision on television.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

White Phoenix Hope

Hope as White Phoenix.

She has the power of mimicry, able to copy another mutants power and use it against them, much like Rouge. She has had great training from Cable, teaching her how to fight, what to do in situations. During the Avengers vs X-men event, she gained a small portion of the Phoenix Force each time it got closer to Earth. It would show, as she would be covered in fire. She used these abilities to burn Wolverine's skin of (which he later regrew) and to fly away from Utopia. In the issue #9 of Avengers vs X-men it is shown that Hope (to her surprise) can absorb Phoenix power and mimic other powers which weren't mutant ones. In final issue after Scoot is defeated the Phoenix Force enters Hope and together they repair all the damage that Cyclops had caused when he was the Dark Phoenix. Then Hope returns to the Avengers and the X-men as White Phoenix feeling all powerful. Then Wanda said to Hope that she was destined to have and be the Phoenix because she is the only one with the strength to let it go. After that, Hope and Wanda's spell of 'No more Phoenix (through Wanda using chaos magic) broken the 'No more mutants' spell which Wanda had cast at the events of The House of M, by spreading the lifeforce energy of the Phoenix Force so as to restore the mutants. With that the Phoenix energy which came to Earth was destroyed and if Hope now has her original powers or not, is unclear. In Cable and X-Force Series of Marvel Now! event it has been revealed that Hope still has her original powers.