Illyana's codename is Magik. Magik is the younger sister of the X-Man known as Colossus, Illyana came to live with her brother after being kidnapped by the eccentric assassin, Arcade. Months later, the sorcerer Belasco captured Illyana and held her prisoner in the pocket dimension Otherplace, A.K.A. Limbo. Belasco turned a portion of her soul demonic in nature, and in the process conjured a “bloodstone” gem from her soul. When Belasco conjured five such gems, Illyana would have transformed into the entirely demonic Darkchilde. Belasco’s spell gave Illyana considerable magical power, and she nearly killed him, but decided not to give in to her demonic side and drove him from Otherplace, becoming its new leader. Illyana returned to Earth at a point only seconds after the X-Men’s escape from Otherplace. However, whereas only seconds had passed for the X-Men, Illyana had aged seven years in Otherplace and was now 13 years old. She then joined the team of superhuman mutant trainees the New Mutants as Magik. To defeat a foe, Illyana retroactively erased her existence as Magik by using her mutant powers to alter time, and as a result the invasion effectively never took place. Illyana emerged from the enchantment as her younger self, possessing no magical abilities and having a pure soul. Ultimately, Illyana contracted the deadly mutant-killing Legacy Virus and died. It was later revealed that her eldest brother Mikhail had actually given her the Virus after the past New Mutants traveled into the future to meet their present-day counterparts.

Avengers vs the X-menEdit

When the Avengers invaded Utopia in search of Hope Summers, Magik fought alongside her fellow X-Men. She fought and defeated Doctor Strange. The X-Men feigned a surrender and Magik proceeded to teleport out several powerful X-Men, giving them a head start in the search for Hope. When the X-Men find out that Hope is on the Moon, Magik teleports Cyclops, Emma Frost, Namor and Colossus to the Moon. Before they can begin fighting the Avengers, however, Thor crashes onto the Moon and is closely followed by the Phoenix Force.

A fight broke out between the X-Men and the Avengers while Iron Man built a weapon to fight the Phoenix. Iron Man attacked the Phoenix but instead of destroying it, the Phoenix turned all five of the X-Men into avatars. Magik and the rest of the avatars took Hope back to Earth in order to prepare her. After Namor lost his portion of the Phoenix, the other four remaining hosts gained his portion. When the Avengers staged a raid on the X-Men's prison in order to rescue their fellows, Magik and Colossus arrived to stop them. Spider-Man remained behind to fight them but was no match for the Phoenixes. Magik told Colossus to cripple or kill him but Colossus refused and began worrying over the things Illyana were saying, believing she was losing control and offered to take her portion of the Phoenix. This enraged Illyana and led to an argument between them. After being egged on by Spider-Man, they began fighting and knocked each other out, causing their portions of the Phoenix to leave them for Cyclops and Emma.

Cyclops' distraction allows Magik and Colossus to escape. Colossus wallows in regret, having believed that the Phoenix would allow him to transcend Cyttorak's whispers when he lost control in the end after all. After condemning himself as a monster and doomed, Magik revealed that she had planned for this to happen in order to make him understand. She knew that by offering to become the next Avatar of Cyttorak, Colossus would interject and take the burden onto himself; showing him what damnation felt like.

Colossus then realizes that she is insane as she thanks him for finally understanding. Colossus loses control and reverts to his Demon form and attacks her. Magik then teleports him away and leaves him, telling him that regret was her final gift to him.

Phoenix Five vs Mr. SinisterEdit

After receiving the Phoenix, Magik and her fellow Phoenixes detected Mr. Sinister deep beneath the Earth's surface; Sinister had built a copy of 19th century London underground together with an army of his clones. Magik and the other Phoenixes realized that Sinister would be a great threat to their new global Utopia and traveled beneath the Earth in order to destroy him. Sinister was prepared for this however, and had been expecting them. Sinister planned to steal the Phoenix Force from them in order to use it for his own devices. He pitted the Phoenixes against clones of X-Men and X-Men foes alike, such as Gambits, Cyclopses and Sabretooths. He used a device to siphon the Phoenix Force from them into six clones of Jean Grey. Magneto, Psylocke, Danger and Storm pursued the Phoenixes in an attempt to help them, but they were no match for the Phoenix wielding clones. During the battle however, Emma Frost was able to enter the mind of one of the clones in order to communicate with the Phoenix. She reminded the Phoenix that it had come to Earth for a reason and that Sinister would merely keep it trapped under the Earth forever. The Phoenix violently left the clones and returned to the Phoenix Five, who used their great power to incinerate Sinister and destroy his city.


Magik teleports at the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning and talks with Storm for a brief about her brother and and gives her an envelope in which she reveals to her his position and at the end of their conversation she tells her that she turn him in. After that Magik is seen joining up with Magneto and Danger and together they resolve to break Cyclops out of jail.

Marvel NowEdit

All New X-MenEdit

Magik continues to aid Magneto and Cyclops in their quest to aid and recruit new mutants. Together with the rest of the Phoenix Five and Magneto, Magik began experiencing changes to her powers as a result of the Phoenix Force. Unlike the others however, Magik gained even more power as she was now able to conjure energies from Limbo.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Magik is a mutant with the power of teleportation. Her other powers are magic, she is the mistress of limbo and she has in her possession the Soulsword. Now after the Phoenix altered her powers and now she is stronger but broken and controll her powers completely. She can also time travel now using her magic and teleportation powers.

Former PowersEdit

Magik was one of five avatars of the Phoenix Force which granted him the great powers of the Phoenix. Also, Magik's powers ,without the Phoenix Force, with the Phoenix now are boosted to unlimited levels.
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Phoenix Five Magik

  • Interstellar Travel: A Phoenix Force avatar can fly unaided through the vacuum of space, and can travel interstellar distances faster than the speed of light.
  • Cosmic Pyrokinesis: An Avatar of the Phoenix can create 'cosmic' flames under any conditions even the impossible ones such as vacuum space or underwater. These flames do not require oxygen to burn, and burn so intensely that matter is consumed without by-products such as ash. It has perfect control over these flames, and they only consume what it wills. Typically they manifest as a raptor or part of a raptor such as a claw or wings, in the case of an avatar.
  • Resurrection: As the embodiment of life and death itself, the Phoenix Force can resurrect whomever it wills.
  • Immortality: The Avatar of the Phoenix does not age and can be resurrected by the Phoenix Force.
  • Temporal Manipulation: An Avatar acting as the Phoenix Force n can manipulate the past across large temporal distances and with a profound knowledge of the causal effect his or her actions will have.
  • Telepathy: A Phoenix Force Avatar can project their thoughts into the minds of others and read other peoples thoughts at a near boundless level.
  • Telekinesis: An Avatar of the Phoenix can manipulate matter at a molecular scale.