Doctor Nemesis
Doctor Nemesis

James Bradley was born in 1906 in San Francisco, where his mother died during childbirth. His father, having been impaled during a rampage of the first Sentinel, which he created a power source for, died before he was born. He was presumably raised by his maternal grandparents.

During WWII, Dr. James Bradley worked with the late Phineas Horton, in the creation of the Human Torch, aka Jim Hammond. The two ultimately parted ways and James struck out on his own, taking an unfinished android prototype they created with him. Bradley activated the android and told him that he was Guy Newton, a young inventor who came up with the way to generate electricity in his body. Taking his word for it, the android began adventuring as a costumed hero named Volton. Needing to earn money, Bradley became a doctor at Mercy Hospital in New York City. Somewhere along the way, he decided to become a superhero. Wearing a surgeon's mask and armed with a hypodermic needle gun of his own design, he fought crime as Doctor Nemesis.

In 1942, Bradley went up against a villain known as the Surgeon, who used trained rats to spread a version of the Black Plague. He managed to stop the villain, only to discover that he was actually Dr. Blackston, the superintendent of another city Hospital.

Some time after the incident, Bradley was approached by the agents of the Third Reich, who wanted to recruit them to their cause. Disillusioned by the experience and feeling that his talents were under-appreciated, Bradley agreed. Under their orders, he organized the Battle-Axis, a team made up of other disillusioned superheroes (plus Volton). At this point, he started calling himself Doctor Death and adapted a decisively more malevolent demeanor. The Battle Axis embarked on a complex scheme that would force the USA to withdraw from the war. Known as Project Mojave, it basically revolved around oscillotron, a device that Bradley invented. It was designed to cause a severe earthquake on the west coast that would destroy war industry plants and release poison gas from underground storage. The idea was that the USA would have to leave the war to deal with the resulting crisis. Knowing the Invaders might be able to stop them, Battle Axis tried to neutralize the heroes first. Ultimately, the Invaders were able to stop their plan. During the battle, Volton switched sides and attacked Doctor Death with electric blasts. Bradley was left for dead. But was alive and continued with his life. He is now currently with Cable and his X-Force.

Cable and X-ForceEdit

Dr. Nemesis is recruited, at gunpoint, by Cable to be on his newest incarnation of X-Force as his doctor. He works alongside Forge to operate on Cable to find the cause of his headaches.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Doctor Nemesis is a Mutant and possess what he describes as a "self-evolved intellect".

Enhanced eye-sight or vision: also joking called science-gaze witch give him these abilities:

-Genetic anomalies: Able to detect mutations or genetic abnormalities in living beings (i.e. clones, mutants, etc).

-X-Ray vision: Can see muscles and organs below the skin level.

-Hyper optics: Able to see clearly over a distance of 200 meters.

-Slowed aging process and enhanced immune system: granting advanced longevity.


Doctor Nemesis is an accomplished scientist is several fields including genetics, robotics, chemistry, physics. mathematics, etc.