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Jean Grey

 Much like her future self, Jean is one of the founding members of the original X-men and she was discovered by Charles Xavier. At the X-men she met her lover Cyclops.

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Here Comes YesterdayEdit

In order to stop Cyclops from starting a mutant revolution, Beast traveled back in time and brought the original five X-Men, including Jean, to the present. When she arrived to the future she saw how much the School changed. Especially by the new name. She started to cry and question why she is here until Wolverine came and was about to attack the original X-Men until she said stop. After this happened the future beast passed but later to be discover that he is dying. Wolverine took the X-Men to talk about what there going to do until Jean put him to sleep. She also discovered a few things about her life, for example Wolverine's crush on her, her past experience with Phoenix Force or her death. She herself believes that she is dead now in the future. She still finds all of this hard to believe like the fact the that she is dating a criminal but said it in a joke. They stole X-Jet and went to confront the future Cyclops from starting a mutant revolution. They now encountered him and are ready for battle. During this time she started to use her telepathy at an uncountable rate and read Future cyclops mind and found out that he really did kill Charles Xavier. Future Cyclops was very shocked and surprise to see Jean who still thinks she dead but alive now in front of him but Magneto was furious and though this was a trick. She later passed out and cyclops with magneto told Magik to teleport them away. When they escaped the 5 X-Men went somewhere else and waited for Jean to wake up. When she did she was having a hard time with her telepathy. She told everyone to stop thinking and was able to gain control again. They returned to the mansion to see how the future Beast was doing. His health rate increased and it is unknown if he died or not at this moment. It was discovered that he is not dying but mutating once again.

While his body stayed in coma, future Beast and Jean had a talk in his mind. He asked her if she did see present-day Scott. Jean answered that she even read his thoughts and can't believe Professor X is dead. Unable to cope with this fact, Jean asked Beast to tell about her death, saying that "she's have to" see it by herself. Beast agreed and let her read his memories.


Life and Times of Jean Grey

In this moment Jean saw everything - past battles with X-Men enemies, birth of Phoenix, happy wedding day with Scott, kissing Wolverine, and her own death on the Moon and by Xorn who was really Magneto. There were some other events through beast memories about Jean that were not see such as events of Phoenix Endsong, Sisterhood of Mutants, and the End of Greys. But it is logically that she did sees theses memory's and her "death" in Phoenix Endsong as stated by beast during that time. Shocked and devastated, young Jean was led to the fresh air by Kitty. Right there X-Men tried to return the original five back to their time. But Jean stated unhesitatingly that they must stay here and "right things". After four of the five original X-Men members voted for Jean's decision, Scott tried to talk with her, but Jean angrily asked him to leave her alone.

Here to Stay Edit

After having a dream she woke up and Kitty Pryde heard her scream and she also started losing control of her powers again. She helped her control them. Later, she and the past Iceman and Beast went outside for training, but the past Iceman refused and stated attacking Kitty. While they fought the past Cyclops showed Jean their wedding certificate and she started to have tears in her eyes.

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From young age Jean Grey possessed the powers of Telepathy and Telekinesis. Charles Xavier had put on her psionic fields so as to keep her powerful Telepathy in check. Her telepathy is very strong, Jean has a lot of raw psychic power but she lacks in skill since she just awakened her telepathy!


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Young Jean using her telepathy.

Jean wasn't aware at first of her powerful telepathic powers until recently she learned by future Beast that she is a telepath. That day her first when emerged when she telepathically put Wolverine to sleep while he was telling that he and the others will find a way send them back to their time. She was able to read most of his thoughts but not all of them since she wasn't strong enough to do that yet. Later, when with the rest of the Original X-men confronted Future Cyclops she could read his and the other people around her their thoughts and that overwhelmed her. By reading Cyclops' thoughts Jean learned that he really killed Charles Xavier. Jean at the 5th issue of All New X-men linked herself, Future Beast and Past Beast telepathically. She also used her telepathy so as to see how her future life will be by reading Future Beast's mind by his permission. She experienced and show many of her future adventures and her Phoenix Destiny, but she couldn't bare the thought of dying.


Jean used to use a lot her telekinesis when she was with Original X-men as she knew this was her power, to move things and others with her mind. In the All New X-men series she first used it to stop Wolverine from hurting her and Scott. She was able to push him with little effort.
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Teen Jean stops Wolverine with her Telekinesis.

Also Jean as we saw at 15th issue of All New X-men, she was able to use her telekinesis on a molecular level, it was noted by Beast that she could only do this when she was on Phoenix mode.

Jean (Past) Using Telekinesis

Jean uses her Telekinesis on a molecular level.