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As the same of his Future self he was one of the Original members of the The X-men and  met his former lover Jean Grey and his father figure Charles Xavier. He been with them through everything and leading up to the All of X-mens events. He personally can not figure out and understand why he would become like his future Self and why he killed Charles Xavier.

All New X menEdit

Here Comes YesterdayEdit

He was confronted by the future Hank McCoy who told  him  that in their future he killed Charles Xavier  and began a mutant rebellion. They returned with him and saw how much every has changed. Scott was almost attacked by an angry Wolverine but Jean and the others saved him. He went inside with Wolverine but Jean put him asleep. He saw his future self on tv and saw that this needs to change. He found his future and was almost attacked by him when Jean telepathy occurred. They went somewhere else for Jean to wake and she was able to control her powers. They returned to see how the future Beast was doing. They asked him and everyone else to leave and when they came out Jean said to leave her alone in an angry way.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Same as his future self but before Phoenix Five.