is an island near the coast of San Francisco, North America. It is now currently the new base of the X-men (Cyclops' Team).

Cyclops sets up the new headquarters and mutant sanctuary on the ruins of the original Asteroid M, which was raised from the bottom of the ocean.

Christening it "Utopia," this version is more of a haven than a base of operations, brought on not by a desire to make a place among mankind, but to simply get away from it. Although Utopia is sometimes referred to as a "mutant nation," it is as yet unclear if this is simply a figure of speech or if Utopia has literally seceded from the United States and is now a sovereign nation.

The island first appeared to be in trouble of only being a temporary home as the technology keeping it afloat was not stable and the island was starting to sink back into the ocean. However, a recently recruited Magneto was able to make a deal with Namor in which he and the Atlanteans would help construct a pillar underneath the island, connecting it to the ocean floor and keeping it afloat. This pillar would also serve as the new home to the Atlanteans, who had been scattered across the sea ever since Atlantis was destroyed.

Avengers VS X-menEdit

In the Avengers Vs X-men event, Utopia was attacked by the Avengers, which soon started the battle and the events that followed. After Magik , Colossus, Namor, Emma and Cyclops became the Phoenix Five , they transformed Utopia into Pax Utopia, a peaceful place for the mutants to live. Phoenix Five had Utopia as their base. In Utopia also is where the first part of final battle with the Phoenixes. After, the events of Avengers vs X-men Utopia was left behind destroyed. From now on S.H.I.E.L.D didn't let anybody to pass without knowing. In the final issue of Avengers vs X-men in the last page Hope is shown leaving Utopia and then a rose started to arise from the ground for unknown reasons.